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function of the skin when considered in connection with hydrotherapy.
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of attaching hydrotherapeutic establishments to good hotels at health re-
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tendons, the bursae, and often the adjacent muscles and fascioe exhibit
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of the information gained from its pages in this little sketch
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cough and dyspnoea, and thus contributes materially to that alleviation
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ber while the water was still flowing. Almost invariably a quiet
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without cream or milk, one hour after dinner, may take the
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Tubbing with ice may be substituted foT the wet sheet. The temper-
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now affords few cases. In the southern portion of the United States,
sion, rest, and a diet as near sterilized milk as possible. In
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phia, for example, I notice that when they lay new mains of
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when we are, as often happens, at our wits' end for something
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ciating effects, the dose is necessarily always made as small as possible,
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ones especially may be used by diabetics. Chestnuts are away
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case were they notably absent." These symptoms are the expression
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great deal more than I can relative to the changes which take place in
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alludes to the young gentleman, the victim of the hay-fever,
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after bath, temperature, 10l'.8° ; pulse, 106 ; respiration, 34.
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account of the appearance of pleuropneumonia there. Forty
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complete liquefaction, with expectoration or absorption of the altered
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the organisms. As to their life history and hosts we know
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paying regard to the changes of temperature produced by them, he con-
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To cover the articular enlargement extensive flaps are needed,
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led medicine completely. Xow if any man has anything the
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toxaemia to go free, and to come time after time and repeat
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for which I obtain from government publications and my own
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hands throughout a long life. Their teeth have simply not rotted.
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forms a valuable diagnostic symptom. The nocturnal remissions are
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tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. Are there mingled types of
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is treating a jiatient with an alc<ihiili(' prescription, he never knows
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virulence of the cholera-poison explains the intensity of the symptoms.
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assistance in Hamilton than in Toronto. In that connection 1
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itself toward the close of an attack of gonorrhea, but it may develop
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plegia, etc.) according to their location. Rarely peripheral neuritis
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bread by toasting. While, as you know, there has been a very large
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conditions may be mentioned filth, poverty, famine, and overcrowding,
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stances. I have seen both cases recently, and neither shows
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common mushroom, the Agaricus campestris, but is larger,
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