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secretions differs, in many particulars, from that commonly receiyed ; it
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resist this treatment, preparations of arsenic, or tincture of cantharides
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the abdominal cavity and is affected by muscular and postural
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cisely similar to those in the former case. These two specimens were
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illon tubes inoculated with the organism and placed in an incubator at
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^^ out of his mind," that he may be regarded as insane.
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be employed in this case, as outbreaks have been recorded in this
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of the body results from the prolonged use of alcohol. Particu-
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animal in the thigh and made it lame in one of the hind legs. He
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are constantly subjected. In the infant, the nutritive functions, through
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ture of the bacilli introduced into it and was made into cheese;
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ered the x>eriod from August 1 to December 5. Lot 1 was fed sheaf
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once a year and disinfected with lime scattered plentifully all over the
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complete paralysis, is one of the earliest manifestations in the
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**Mtn is the sole species of his genus, the sole representative of his order. If
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years, he oonfidendy epeaks of its efficacy as a prompt agent
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Agriculture and dairying in Scotland. By John C. Higgins 213
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cent. ; eosinophiles, 4 per cent. ; red shows a slight poikilocytosis.
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not subside on the appearance of the eruption, but after a variable
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m his physical organization he ranks with the beasts that perish, in his inteUectn-
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the point, then refill. The same precaution must be taken when
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Medical Association of City of Mt. Vernon and Environs, 517
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difficult solution. Tho uterus may, with great propriety, be
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esj^cially to call your attention. That there are causes entirely independ-
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Stokes breathing at times; though this is not necessarily a sign of
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uterus, thus making sure that the fluid is not too cold or too hot,
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In most of the cases in which I have observed this appearance of a ru-
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no treatment except a surgical operation which cau remove them
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sweet milk. This is evidently one reason wh^^ the makes are differ-