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on the support he would receive from his colleagues
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less anxious. He still complained of great pain. The
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tice, gave rise to a fierce controversy; and in the
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sufficient nmnbers to form statistics. One instance,
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this operation and craniotomy has never been fairly
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ing over the thick sod — no easy task ; and then re-
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sponding with one about the diameter of a quill, in a large
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in the adult, who exhibits a corresponding train of symp-
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attribute to a mental or psychical principle a far-
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very seldom, that the presxmiptive evidence of a mal-
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against the Report itself, than against the proposals
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mise the labour of medical investigators, and facili-
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oflence forfeit or pay a sum of money not exceeding
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whose case is the other instance of syjjhilisation re-
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* some ludicrous, sarcastic, and truly witty letters to his friend
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the results of the C cesarean section in the cases in
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fore appeared advisable to interrupt the cui-rent only
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Gbeio, Assistant-Surgeon J., M.B.. .3-Srd Foot, to be Assistant-Sur-
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COATES, Mrttthew, Esq., Assistant-Surgeon, to the Caledonia.
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cord this last specimen of medical aud surgical phil-
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cavities. Isolated tubercles in their primary stage were
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are readily removed. Wards of this size should be pre-
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cord, removes any difficulty which might be created by the
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status and the advantages heretofore enjoyed by the
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literary attainments (if he had any) forgotten. Un-
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things besides his energy, his learning, and his hardi-
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Nerveux Ganglionaire, from p. 137 to 174. I may further remark, that in the
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rising a line and a half above the cornea. The greater
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the left optic conjunctiva on the outer side of the
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absolute retention daily hanging over him— to say
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beg to inform our correspondents that, as a rule, all communica-
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Hospital will undertake to provide transport to and
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the abdomen, where it produced a feeling of pressure
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ventricle of the heart was slightly hypertrophied and
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PracticHl Evening for the Narration of Cases and the Exhibi-
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The amputation was performed for disease of the left knee-joint
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dent attention and caution. The legs straddle ; the
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pigeon and of the kitten ; great prostration of the
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constractive and locomotive, but not animating ; but
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begin to storm at this; but have a little patience.
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conciled with fixed principles ; and how it is that