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Dr. Thomas Scully, of Rome : Where there is an enlarged uterus

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50. Woolly loco weed {Astragalus molissimus) . . 404

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the interrupted suture and healed readily by first intention,

freudian fixation test result

The foregoing description suggests the symptoms likely to be

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at one-half a metre, and so on for other metre angles.

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when plenty of ice was put in. On the morning of the 22d it had a temperatnTe

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exception of No. 293, were in excellent condition. No. 293 was a little

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irregular development of the joint, and, secondly, may be the late

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artificial immunity in man, but that the disease may be checked

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will illuBtrate some of the methods generally adopted :

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unless it can be clearly shown that there is a definite symptom

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I believe that the disease in each case developed in a year and a

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scratch for it. The fowls without exercise were fed in open boxes. The

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The stones were located in every part of the intestine except

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Sixth, It never furnishes a product of secretion when left to itself, but

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$35,000 and another for $40,600. British breeders acknowledged that

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Uk^ the cough. The hoarseness and alteration of the voice is

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a subcutaneous base to the morbid structure it often persits in growing,

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treat numerous cases of acute suppuration of the middle ear. In

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exclofiive of the straw. This 21 cents would pay the cost of thrashing

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Of the two animals selected to illustrate the I>evon breed, the bull

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of these processes is exemplified in the hypertrophy of the mucous

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and of the cow Amie 8, dropped in September, 1890, and imported

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12. Papaveris syi'upus, dose, children f 31 — f 3ii; infants TT^x — ■nf\_xx.

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it, and it has not been reported from any other neighborhood. — {J, T.

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Fifteen hours after the commencement of this attack, while attempt-

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Hence the importance of determining, from the history and

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range as wide as the subject of animal industry itself. The extracts

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|est]y become the pride of Georgia, and the wonder and admiration of her sister

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Chesapeake Bay; thence south to the northern boundary of Elizabeth City

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was 50J days, and of the vaccinated animals 154.3 days. The latter

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stopped and heavy doses of strychnine substituted ; the bowels were

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k Co.'s fluid extracts, then too late for notice. Since that time,

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