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the session before the class, and the medico-legal aspects of post-
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may be admitted to examination on chemistry and practical
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bag should be put upon the head, and particularly over that side on which the
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render a USDA Inspection certificate for products pntering Interstate coRwe'rce. Where
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1:30; laboratory: sec. a, Tu., W., 9:00-12:00; sec. b. M., Tu., W., 2:30-4:30; sec. c,
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nervous disturbance. In hysterical joint affections (page 181) the cause not
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Lee Connel Gatewood, A.M., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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Bethlem Royal Hospital {8t, Oeorge's-road, 8.E,), — Outdoor
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teeth. The trunk usually twists and turns the most of any part of the body.
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Bellevue Hospital Medical College should communicate with the
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to a definite group of muscles or the distribution of a single nerve, we can,
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are forfeited. Should the candidate ask for re-examination, he then would only
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surgeon of the Hospital. The pupils haye to dress the patients and
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Little is known with certainty about the causes of chronic hydrocephalus.
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The drugs most employed are the bitters and tonics. They have no specific
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till death. It is not very rare in severe cases to observe a peculiar position of
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other hospital approved of by this University, and have compounded medicines
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outward, cannot be brought back again to its normal position. All manipu-
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direct pressure (ulnar phenomenon [Biernacki's symptom]).
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or autotoxic influences may play a part. Not infrequently, especially in mild
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precaution, t?,at «l^1af^T^ «| ^STnSl^l^lal^lii;! XtlvJ?^ ^^"^
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or, in other words, no ." hematuria." Frequently there are large numbers of
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heart and blood vessels. One phase of the subject considered each quarter. Lectures and
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as we have long proclaimed and as is now quite generally accepted, it is ex-
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the frequent, though not invariable, absence of optic neuritis, frequently
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to NLT 6.0. For in-storage inspection, we need to know that a reading of
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case, should the Faculty not be satisfied with the evidence produced,
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The two degrees mentioned may be obtained at the same time, but
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2. Students must attend the Hospital daily (except Sunday) at 9 o'clock a.m.
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is the registration of the student's name in the books of the Uni-
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degeneration in lesions of the peripheral motor nerves also develop if the
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lar X-ray exposures; how the leucocyte count will fall from 250,000 to 30,000
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