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hand, the appendages of both sides are hopelessly diseased, pan-

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Species. — Impetigo figurata; impetigo sparsa; impetigo larvalis ;

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27, 1897, the above quarantine line is adopted for the State of California by this

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different offices in their normal conditions, are questions of

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Fourth District. — Dr. Robert J. Wilding, of Malone.

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bating symptoms as they arose, truly after the expectant mode.

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but the vast majority of cases occur in cattle between G and 18 months

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three cases (49 per cent.). In one case a very deep and severe

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will not succumb. This method promises more satisfactory results,

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been studied by the veterinarian of the North Dakota Agricultural

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£xx>06ure continued through the year 1897, at the end of which time she was

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examination took place twelve honrs afler death. It may be snffioient to

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and chemists, who may possibly be able to construct a theory which .will

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ture had reached 99° F., and rarely a fraction above, but, as a rule,

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rium of the eyes. When there is an absence of this condition the

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of a State from the character and magnitude of its humane in-

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Card of the CommiiUe on Prize Essays of the American Medical J<io-

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a considerable surface ; and that the treatment should consist in very free

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Chloroform in a Case of Eclampsia. — Dr. Darnall reported the

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easily carried out after the discharge has ceased, and will be fol-

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narian is evidently necessary in order to make a correct diagnosis.

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of the stomach frequently excites the suicidal disposition. Hepatic af-

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stitutional stamps, known as temperaments : distinguished by

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counsel, for an ex parte opinion to Dr. J. P. Bancroft, of St. Johnsbury,

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and does not grow in chains, and is often a long oval in shape, or, if

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on top. In separating the spleen from the stomach care should

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for all eyes. The method is scientific, well described, and discussed ; the

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is the actual power of these muscles to turn the eyes under certain

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and scale boards, but shall not be allowed when it is equaled or excelled by the

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continued, as they claimed it had a bracing effect which they could

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the mixed ferments were rubbed up with glycerine and filtered. The

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fruit in the splenic region of the abdomen that had increased some-

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much increased, the openings of the veins were prominent, and could

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its effects are much more immediate than when taken into the stomach, and con-

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