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The Secretary presented the report of the Committee of Publica-

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num — 40 to 50 drops — ^three or four times a day.

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Ringworm, or mange, of cattle. — My calves are troubled with a

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30. Canby. Maryland Medical Journal, 1900, vol. xlvii. p. 113.

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operation of Loreta is certainly not applicable to the closure of

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^*The honest seeker after truth in medicine, finds field

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Imports and exports of animals and animal products 1897 and 1898 581

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tion, paracentesis in all cases of pleural, abdominal, cerebrospinal

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Case I. — In this case there was a large retroverted uterus, with a

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become larger, stronger boned, and more robust than on their native

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retain some vision to the eye during the attack, and lessens the

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more frequent in the early months of spring. The most fre-

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18. Eulenberg. Berl. klin. Wochenschr., 1892, p. 48 ; Deutsch med. Wochenschr. , 1893, p.

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a pink efflorescence ; its base often irregular, or but faintly marked,

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among the remaining 7,959 vaccinated animals, or 0.44 per cent.

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or following the act of swallowing ; hoarse voice, wheezing respiration,

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elevated position among the Medical Periodicals of our coun-

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meetings, and of presenting papers, and of taking part in discussions, but

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avs motft valuable in cases that have been inefficientiy treated

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ing through an abdominal incision the large bloodvessels of the

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classification was a great improvement over the former confusion,

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