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the blood sterile. If meningococcus meningitis is a
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tv.'enty-seven. The annual admission rate per 1,000
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In the report of the practice of the Dublin Lying in Hos-
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is now as unjustly decried as of little use, and writers of ex-
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of gastro-enteric inflammation, thus forming one of the most fatal va^
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the size and shape of a foreign body, so that three
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through the coccygeal vertebra ; but as it increases in development,
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afterward he was able to walk without artificial aid.
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f Speaking of Alpine limestone, Humboldt says, (Pers. Narr.) " It is the rock
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particulars with the one reported by Doctor Finkel-
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the next day, a slight rigidity of the neck could be
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example, keloids and hypertrophic scars are usually
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by the presence of bacteria in samples of urine ob-
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cident, but more especially, the idiosyncrasy of the individual.
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characters, their distribution, and their action on guinea-pigs
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sults : Forty-eight patients, or sixteen per cent.,
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criticism, perhaps ; but as remedies are estimated by their useful
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love must stand, it has not so much forgotten as it
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hay fever, asthma and as a test to detect food sensi-
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exception, perhaps, of a slight sonoro-mucous rale, which is now and
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positive and relative indications for C;esarean sec-
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entertains no doubt. The dysmenorrhceal membrane differs from
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§ «< Mr. Lawrence, who permitted the trial of chloride of zinc upon his patients
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eight hour bills. The two latter measures have been
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everywhere, in buildinajs and surroundings, to avoid
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given, subcutaneously, 12 minims of Magendie's solution of mor-
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protracted labour, must be acknowledged by every practitioner
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than four days, and each presented all the bad symptoms which
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the river, at angles subtending from 20° to 30°. It contains few
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Society; Association of Alumni of St. Mary's Hospital,
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over the os phalangis primae pollicis, a gaping wound passing
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complexion is sometimes florid, but more usually pallid or
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satisfactory of the usually inhaled anesthetics, it