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are present in these germs in considerable proportion. The amount
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ever had cancer, received a slight blow on the breast. ^This occasioned a
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Gaillard. M6m. et Compt. Rend. Soc. de Biol., Paris, 1859.
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danger of great impairment of vision in case the patient recovers
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The germ which causes blackleg much resembles the malignant
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ing the stump and bare ends of the ligaments by approximating
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6. Recent decisions in cases of malpractice suits brought against
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interesting to note that Gaves, in 1843, described a peculiar con-
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of the hereditary transmission of the disease; and, further, that a
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experience with the method, that a light meal may be taken with
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ing, to eight or nine years of age, and sometimes up to the period of
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anaesthesias do not follow any particular nerve distribution, and
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Dr. Logan of this place informs me that he has frequently
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North Carolina — Mr. John R. Smith, Commissioner of Agriculture, Raleigh.
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their food. The animals should also have access to comfortable,
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white blood corpuscles. In my exi)eriments this increase was not
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of the bone. The capsule is then incised. The head of the bone
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past life. As yet he has not contracted the disease, but in time
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perfectly satfefied, and that the whole track of the respiratory
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wagon, and sustained a contusion of the side of the chest and abdomen,
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In accordance with the regulations concerning cattle transportation issued by
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and enlargement and induration of the mucous follicles and structure
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remedies are indicated which are effectual in the cure of inflammation
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thick, four-eighths wide, and five-eighths long, rough and irregular on