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and 10,560 cows, and four volumes of the Dutch-Friesian. Herd Book,
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of Irion County; thence north along the eastern boundary of Irion County to the
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would be exceedingly valuable to man if the mating is done carefnlly.
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Infants; 3. Purulent Ophthalmia of Adults; 4. Gonorrhoeal Oph-
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tes, or of erysipelas of the trunk to sub-inflammation of the
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same may be said of fresh, pure air. Both of these aid in disinfection.
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Of cases below 6 months there have been reported to us 365, They
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effect upon either milk flow or yield of butter fat." Similar expe-
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ferred, in the proportion of four grains to the fluid ounce of distilled
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Color, red. The tip of the tail and udder may be white. The extension of the
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animals shall bear similar placards with like statements, and the waybills or bills
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Diagnosis must here depend upon the clinical history. Death may
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to alter the physical character of the proteids of cow's milk.
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It is tiereby ordered^ That the counties above named be added to the area quaran-
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fracture of the coronoid process ; that the forearm was kept fixed at a
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a source of danger this must be to the public health.
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*' immediate'' shall mean shipment within five days, both inclusive of day of