Adverse Effects Of Levothyroxine

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of Nantes. Dr. Markoe was born in New York City, March 20, 1856,
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in-chief at Trinity Hospital, which was erected by him in memory of
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graduated from the Medical School of the University of
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39. "A Statistical Study of 539 cases of Pott's Disease, Treated by the Bone
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ceeded rapidly, and in nineteen days after the last fistula
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early age he manifested a desire for " doctoring," and the
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cured by the Faradic Current;"" Case 2, "Facial Neuralgia,
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A profound student of mental and nervous diseases, Dr. Pritchard
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staring expression ; and its sensibility was much diminished.
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War, in the course of which he was captured by the British and con-
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among my hearers who would consume a little bottle of innocent-
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region, general disturbance. The pain is constant ; it is felt
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of the American College of Surgeons, and consulting orthopedic sur-
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The following extracts are taken from this publication :
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throat, to hem, and occasionally to cough for a long time, in
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comrades who may have administered first aid. To-day the
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tent to bring a dangerously high temperature down to a point of
adverse effects of levothyroxine
ing in the blood, that fluid must have already undergone serious
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they are ever ready, on meeting with a suitable nidus or part
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retro-auricular route after petro-mastoid clearing out.
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Ankylosis is relatively frequent after bullet wounds, for
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Medical Congress, Lotos, Press, Reform, Players' and
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National Guard, and for about ten years as surgeon on the staff of
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The wounded zone should be specified so far as possible :
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reaction, very soon arrested in cases of fracture caused by
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was not satisfied with this interpretation of the matter, and,
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909. Much of the new material, the author acknowledges hav-
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genuine polymyositis the peripheral nerves are perfectly normal. Yet re-
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can find no objective cause. For these and similar disorders there are no
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known, whose third edition is now before us, the first two edi-
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limit of the anatomical neck of the hnmerus is, oft this vertical
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Displacements of the Pelvic Viscera," which was pre-
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"Artificial Feet in a Case of Arrested Development" (N. Y. Med. Eec, 1890).
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land Co,, N. Y., but he entered the College of Physicians
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civilization. M. H. Waters, M.D., Terre Haute, Ind.
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adherent, that presents but slight suppuration, and that
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der, and elbow, and sometimes even in the smaller joints of the fingers and
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of an operation for Squint ; author of numerous papers to medical
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increasing our fears of the impossibility of removing the child
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Dr. Wende was an expert in the use of the microscope, and he
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