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would be out of tlic douiaiii of this work. A pei*8on who is in the yellow-
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assing and painful ; when ulceration of the brorichial mucous membrane
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Treatment. — The treatment is osteopathic and consists in relaxing
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vantage. Applying a plaster cast, with or without tenotomy, in all
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development by dampness. Consequently, it is conimon in autumn and
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several occupying one internode. During the following week the
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Tiioy mav suiipurato and l)o diseiiar-fod into the bronchi, and then a cavitji
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ulceration corresponds to that of the necrotic tissue ; if an entire
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form temperature is essential ; the temperature of the apartment should
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the palmar arch may be futile, and it may be necessary to ligate the
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raediately commeuced investigations in order to ascertain the origin of the fever in these cases. I found
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generally lead to a fatal issue ; the extent of the pulmonary disease and the
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often afford relief. Large quantities of fluid should never be taken into
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brown-red or mottled appearance. The sections of the larger portal vessels
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body and which arise from retrograde metamorphosis or chemical
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extensive capillary bronchitis are associated with extreme dyspnoea and evi-
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tiated into other forms, chiefly fibrous tissue, and then if the
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syphon tube is of great service in severe cases. In milder conditions the
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of years and the man enjoyed good health and had worked at hard labor.
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occur ; if present they are slight and superficial, and for the most part
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not extend to other parts of the body. It is said by some that the poi-
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solution of caustic potash, all the components disappear, and the bacte-
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stance, or in the pelvis of the kidney. Their development occurs at any
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that it contains a peculiar microscopic vegetable organism. This is yet
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the treatment of this disease are the narcotics : among these opium stands
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soft palate and pharjTix. It may be acute or chronic, and may affect all or
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suspected, when in addition to the sudden appearance of blood and albu-
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moat remarkable Inatoumenta. With Important Speoificationa of odebcated
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"who have a predisposition to active hepatic hyperasmia, the daily use of
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