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him with a ^^good morning" and introduced Congressman Hitt

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stock of Normandy and Brittany. But early in the eighteenth cen-

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and appeared in the Consular Report for February, 1898:

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direct entrance into the lymph stream, which carries them directly to

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Dr. Lucien Howe, of Buffalo : I do not think one statement

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owners have a very difficult problem to solve. Indeed, the solution may lose the

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it has its poison as well as its darkness ; its death's head, as

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diphtheria begins at once, without an incubation period. In like

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ceptibly the congestion and swelling gradually subside, and the

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other States, either for feeding or grazing. But with the disease

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only 4.2 per cent, suppurated. If animal sutures are as short-

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ready to answer all questions so far as his present knowledge should ena-

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mercury, destroys the structure of that delicate part ; the inflammatory

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days the pustules dry up, leaving behind them thick scabs, and these

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leave me to think it a perfect preventive of blackleg. The vaccine is conceded

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XIII. Bacterium sanguinarium causing infectious leukaemia in fowls—

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good Sisters teach inmates to operate the New Home machines

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and change their names and aspects, then ascribe false quali-

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solatiou or acetic acid previous to mounting will usually clear it

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the means by which the dislocated extremity of the bone is to

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in acute lobar pneumonia cannot be said to have been particularly

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adopted by Dr. Todd, and whioh he finds most effectual, was the following :

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which the customary cathartic preliminarily administered has

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methods of rii)ening cream are uncertain, even under expert manage-

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This spring I had another mare with foal, and to prevent a recurrence

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In conclusion, fatty degeneration of the heart is a common affec-

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Dr. Coley is a iirm advocate of the use of catgut and kangaroo-

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