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dependent upon deranged menstruation. Out of 506 cases 304,
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Mad itch, or stomach staggers, etc., of cattle. — ^A very fatal
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effect of the atropine. In large doses atiropine paralyzes the muscles of the gul-
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The first effect of strychnia used in this way is, to check or wholly sus-
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believed the disease to be contagious pleuropneumonia. Assuming that he was
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mouth apparently reinfecting the cavity in a few hours. A better
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Bristol South. The Society may be congratulated in having the subject
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bladders are firm and unyielding, their cavities contracted, and
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tory, and in several recorded cases this method has done positive
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become chronic : the pupil to be kept under the influence of bella-
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From the foregoing it will follow, of course, that for the cor-
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enable the disease to become more virulent, but the fact remains that
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preceding. The census, covering the 16 townships of the county,
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$14,034,380. Bacon holds second place, with 44,212,030 pounds,
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had in their possession two sides of American bacon in which it was
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Species. — Erythema fugax ; erythema Iseve ; erythema papulatum ;
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induced to advertise and placard what was sent by the Department,
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cussed later. The fresh virus, on the other hand, may be destroyed
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remedies which were there recorded as having been curative in
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Atropine as a direct stimulant of the heart's action and respiration is perhaps
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The average of grain fed to the cow during her greatest yield was 28
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SUteii, We hare come «p to this great centre of our sunny Sou;h to take our re-
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putrid intoxication ; thirdly, by gradual exhaustion dependent
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and deserve attention from some of our experimenters in butter making.
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are saved, while the loss in the check herds is about 85 per cent. A
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In the second or intermediate stage the muscle cells are dotted
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or entitled to the privileges of the same. For \» it not notorious that in*
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either of these classes may have a special significance, and should
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Peucedanum grayii, experiments in feeding to sheep _ 425
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the good animals all the extra food is converted into milk. They do
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she went to her father's house, some fif^y miles from town, where she was