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This disease is sometimes found uncombined with inflammation of
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the natural decay of the faculties ; it is not only feeble, but it is deranged.
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registry, now about to be adopted, will supply the omission.
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XVI. Deep Breathing as a Curative and Preventive Measure.
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is applicable to all cases ; and, indeed, perhaps a majority of
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known to exist. In that case we should most probably have heard of
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minute intervals, along with sufficient Dover's powder to lessen
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those of religious and social infidelity ; there is such a bond of
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entirely destroyed, and all that was left to deal with were masses
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table of cases), that of Peacock's, having been reported where the
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The outbreaks observed in Kansas were introduced by cattle from
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cially for their dairy qualities and of a few which belong primarily to
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cases of this painful affection of the bowels — ^we mean the
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veins should not be excised because of any fancied effect on the
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3. The movement of the heart must gradually become very slow.
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nervous habit, poor digestion, and generally feeble health. —
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accumulating in the canal, as too frequent irrigation serves to
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shallow gutter with a corrugated bottom, shown in the cross section NM, and a
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Second District. — Kings, Queens, Suffolk, Kichmond, Westchester, Rock-
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of service, owing to its active germicidal properties; but even in
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outlet. Various varieties of staphylococci and streptococci have also
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little cold water. A quart of boiling water is added and the gruel
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temperature was normal. April 9, 1894, this pig. No. 122, was found
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March 26, 1896. Number of red corpuscles per cubic millimeter of blood,
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city of New York by the President of the Medical Society of the
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not so perfectly obliterated, owing to the presence of the cord;
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Article VII. — Heport of the Surgical Clinic of the Atlanta Medical CoUege, By
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pigs^^sheep^ and calve* without fatal result, while, producing a high
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ular calling. That the original affection was rheumatic, we are
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should be of a fluid character, wholesome, and easily digested. Dr.
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business man embarks in senseless enterprises. These symptoms,
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by far the simplest and most satisfactory instrument for the esti-